How to Install a Wall Mounted LCD Television


Flat screen TVs are today one of the most popular home entertainment devices. Along with saving space, LCD TVs also add to the atmosphere of a room and offer better picture quality.

Installing a LCD TV however is a demanding task, one that would require about 1-2 persons. Assistance would be required while mounting the LCD TV on the wall, carrying out drilling work and attaching the various cables and wires in their proper places.

Is your LCD TV ready for wall mounting?

The first step in this process would be to ensure that your flat screen TV is of the ready to mount variety. This is necessary as current mounts and wall brackets are designed for the latest LCD TV models and an older one may not fit in. Wall mount LCD Televisions come with threaded screw inserts at the corners and sides of the Television. You can also check the owner’s manual for VESA Compatibility (Video Electronics Standards Association).

The LCD TV wall mount should be selected according to the size of the LCD TV. You can also go for a mount with an adjustable tilt option which will allow you to watch the TV while reclining.

Choose the location with care

Choose the place where you want to mount the LCD TV on the wall. This would ensure that you save time during the LCD TV installation. Install the TV in a spot which is easy to view from any place in the room. The flat screen TV should ideally be installed in a room facing away from windows for good picture clarity. Leave about twice the screen width space if possible on both sides. Also the distance between the viewer and the screen should be at least twice the screen size for optimum viewing.

Select a spot where people do not have to pass through frequently and where the TV is safe from being bumped into. Safety screws help in keeping the TV screen secure in the brackets to avoid any mishaps.

Interior is always better than exterior

Also it is always a good idea to mount the LCD TV on an interior wall rather than an exterior wall as exterior walls have in-built braces or fire blocks and insulation. This causes difficulties if you need to do some drilling to put up the wall mount or run the TV cables through the wall.

You can make use of the wall studs in drywall’s to affix the TV wall mount and power sockets. This is especially recommended in case of heavier TV sets as the studs can better withstand the weight of the TV. You may need to use a stud finder to locate the studs in your walls before commencing the installation.

Power issues

Your LCD TV including all devices like cable box, DVD player and Video game player will need more power. Hence it is recommended to get a power outlet installed separately for your TV with a surge protector to manage fluctuations.

Space should be left between the TV and the power outlet as well as the wall more so if you are planning to install the flat screen TV above the fireplace. The temperature around the TV set should not exceed 32 degree centigrade beyond which the set might overheat and malfunction.

Finally attach the cables and wires in the appropriate places, calibrate the picture quality and you are good to enjoy the superior display of your Flat screen TV.

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Choosing The Most Appropriate LCD Television For Your Bedroom


Selecting an LCD Television for this specific private area differs from deciding on a Television for your family room. The bodily space, along with the characteristics of the bedroom, can affect your selections.

these are several suggestions to assist you determine what you would like:

1. Price range

Before you begin having to pay anything at all, think about what you might wish to spend. You could examine prices and also Television offers on the internet, making some effective comparisons. It is actually nearly impossible avoiding to find a great deal on the web, therefore check around and search, and discover what exactly is offered prior to making any conclusions.

Models and manufacturers of Television may offer you a lot of choices, either in level of quality as well as price range. Smaller sized does not always indicate less expensive, especially if you are purchasing an popular brand. A larger size certainly does not mean higher quality, either, and don’t forget it is a television for the bedroom.

The more costly, yet better quality model could be just appropriate for your bedroom. In a placing where you’re wanting to be as relaxed as you possibly can, paying a bit more does seem sensible. Enjoy yourself at least to the period of time to getting a great deal.

2. Usefulness

This particular element of selecting your Television is the place you can begin considering your requirements in depth. A properly planned bedroom Television installation is an excellent asset if you are just wanting to relax. Your Television could be a customized private entertainment device. Would you like a Television that features a built in DVD? Think about all the plug-ins, or perhaps a hookup for personal computer or gaming system, keep in mind you could get every one of them if you would like. There are many handy functional actions you can take, too.

The built-in DVD player may be beneficial in case you are low on space, or simply would not like a bedroom stuffed with wires.The pc hookup is excellent in case you would like to make an online purchase, or simply want to remain in your bed and don’t wish to step out with a cold.The television in the bedroom is an excellent placing for enjoying your own personal favorites and also those special programs.

3. Dimensions

This matter needs certain idea, since too large or overly tiny in fact is annoying. Space concerns should be properly thought about earlier. Consider just what sizes you are certain could fit effortlessly, as your very best standard guide to desired sizes.

In cases like this, being choosy is the most suitable procedure when choosing your Television. Watching range is always a crucial matter associated with display size, especially with extremely small or large displays. The optimal watching range will depend on the space in existence, in accordance with the particular display size and comfy viewing.

4. LCD as opposed to Plasma Televisions

Even though these 2 types of Television generally run neck and neck when it comes to customer selection, inside the bedroom, the LCD Televisions have a particular advantage:

– They are a little thinner compared to plasma television sets
– They have a tendency to run much cooler, not creating warmth in a tiny room
– They’ve got greater resolution, which gives more suitable pictures for closer watching.

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Why LCD Television Has Taken So Long to Develop


Let us look back at the history of television and see how it has changed over the years. The actual word, television, was first used in 1900 by one Constantin Perskyi when he was reviewing electromechanical technology from as early as 1884.

For the next 25 years a number of scientists worked on the previous theories. In 1911 came the fist transmission of an image using a cathode ray tube (CRT) although it was only a stationary image as it was not sophisticated enough to pass moving pictures.

It was John Logie Baird who is generally recognised as the real inventor of television. In 1925 he was the first person to transmit signals over a distance. It was 5 miles from the transmitting station to the receiver. This first television broadcast was in 30 line resolution (more of that later).

In the next five or six years Baird moved things on very fast. In 1928 he transmitted the first pictures across the Atlantic between London and New York. In 1931 the Epsom Derby was the first live outside broadcast to be screened.

Color television was first being tested in the 1940s but was not on sale in big numbers until the 1960s.

Enough of history what exactly is LCD television? Well, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and basically means that the pictures are formed by a layer of crystals. What this means is that the actual set can be a lot thinner than a CRT receiver and that is very attractive for people as the old ones were very bulky and took up a lot of room.

Plasma screens were the first to take advantage of HD (High Definition) television which was coming in during the last few years of the 20th century. They were, however, very large and very expensive. As I write, plasma screens are still sold in the larger sizes.

When they first came out the quality of a televisions LCD picture was poor and certainly not sufficient for high definition reception, mainly because the refresh rate of the screen was not high enough. This has now been addressed.

Another area of improvement has come by the number of lines on the screen. This is often referred to as the resolution. Remember that the first one was 40 lines. When you buy a television today the most common are 780 and 1080. This refers to the number of lines. The more lines, the clearer the picture.

For most of the major TV manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and LG, LCD is the preferred technology.

Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of what LCD television is and agree that it is the best system available now. In 10 years – who knows.

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Why You Should Consider Renting a 3D LCD Television


3D technology has enhanced the movie and television viewing experience. Used extensively in movies and video games, 3D technology has changed the very perception of entertainment. In fact, 3D LCD displays are becoming very popular in homes and manufacturers are introducing many such models. If you want to enjoy a multi-dimensional television watching experience at home, then you should consider investing in a 3D LCD TV. But if you cannot afford to make the purchase, you can always consider going for 3D LCD display rentals.

You can also try out displays from different manufacturers using a rental service to make an informed purchase decision in the future. Businesses prefer renting these displays for marketing events and trade shows. Here are a few benefits of renting versus an outright purchase of 3D LCD displays.


Renting a 3D LCD TV is a cost-effective option when compared to purchasing one. A basic 3D LCD model can cost you $1700 while high-end models come with a hefty price tag of up to $7000. You can rent a high-quality display at a fraction of its purchase price. If you require multiple displays for your upcoming trade show, then renting is the way to go. It would be a financially unwise decision to buy the displays, especially if you will be using them only for rare advertising events.

Evolving technology

With 3D technology evolving so fast, newer, more advanced models are being introduced by manufacturers. The 3D LCD television you are currently using for marketing events may become outdated within a year or two. You can rent the more recent models and create an impact at trade shows and promotional events. Rental providers typically include brand new models in their inventory to cater to customers’ technology needs. You will not little trouble finding just the right 3D LCD television for your next corporate event.


When you purchase one or multiple 3D LCD displays, you have to pay attention to maintenance and repair. Without proper care, your expensive 3D LCD model(s) may suffer irreparable damage. When you go for 3D LCD display rentals, you needn’t worry about maintenance/repair work as the rental provider will take care of this for you. Most equipment rental companies offer periodic maintenance services as well as competent technical support. You can also get a replacement for your rented model free of charge if it is not in perfect working condition.

What to look for when renting a 3D LCD

· Certain 3D glasses may cut down the brightness of the screen and affect the viewing experience. Check whether the 3D LCD model you are renting offers sufficient screen brightness for a pleasurable movie watching experience.
· Good resolution and picture quality are other aspects to keep in mind when renting such displays.
· Sometimes the back lighting of an event venue can have a distorting effect on the images of the 3D LCD display. Choose a model that comes with diffusion technology to eliminate this problem.

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What You Must Know to Find the Best LCD Television!


Want to find the best LCD television for your needs and budget? Well, there’s a lot to know about LCD TV’s. Sometimes you feel like you have to get a degree in electrical engineering just to be able to understand what everyone’s talking about. But it’s really not all the difficult to buy an LCD television. You just need to be on the lookout for a few things, which I’ll cover in this article. That way, you can start shopping for the best LCD television.

Here are a few things you need to think about before you start shopping.

HDMI Input

Make sure your new television has an HDMI input. This port keeps all your signals all digital, so signal degradation doesn’t occur. Some satellite receivers and DVD players connect through HDMI ports, as well.

Pick the Right Size

Make sure you pick the right size TV for the room. Since these TV’s have higher resolution than older TV’s you can sit closer to the screen. Having said that, it’s easy to buy a TV that’s too large. For instance, a 42-inch TV is probably too large for a smaller room, like a bedroom. If you’re going to spend your money on the best LCD television, get the right size!

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture let’s you look at two channels at once. One’s in a smaller frame. If you do, then you have to consider the number of tuners your TV has. Two tuners lets you look at two television sources at one time.


Do you need HDTV? Regular resolution is cheaper, but it’s probably not going to look as sharp. Better resolution costs more. This means you’ll either buy a smaller set, or a larger one with less resolution. Really, it doesn’t cost that much more to buy an HDTV than a regular resolution TV (EDTV). So, unless money is a real issue, you’re probably better off with the higher resolution. If you want the highest resolution, then look for an 1080p resolution TV. If you’re looking for the best LCD television, this is the resolution you’ll want to get.

Mounting the TV

Where are you going to put the TV? Are you going to mount it on the wall, or put it on a stand on a table? Note that wall mounting hardware costs a little extra, and does not always come with the set.


Do you need a warranty? Well, it depends. If you’re getting the TV from an authorized deal or not makes a difference. Just because it’s the best LCD television, doesn’t mean it’s not going to break down. The manufacturer may not honor their warranty, if you buy the TV from an unauthorized dealer. How much is the warranty. Bear in mind that warranties are virtually pure profit for the dealer you’re buying the television from. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one. But it does mean that you should think about it some.

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16   ch DVR, 16Channel Net
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Triax TMPR 5 x 8 Mains P
Replacement   Projector La
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Bauer   DUR21631FWHT 22-in
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Topping TP32   Class T Dig
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Aten   2 Port USB Dual Vie
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Cello   C24EFF-LED 24-inch
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Projector   Lamp SMART BOA
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Simple Steps to Install Your LCD Televisions


LCD televisions are one of the hottest items on the market today, once you see one you will know why! They are great, but let’s get on with the instructions to mount these fantastic appliances. Sooner or later you are going to have to know how to do this, it is only a matter of time before you have one, and everyone is getting them. This is a two person job, so find an assistant and get ready to do a super job!

You are going to need a few tools, ladder and a level. A power drill is required.

Make sure the brackets you are going use will fit the LCD TV. Some older models may not fit a newer bracket, so it would not be safe to mount the LCD television unless you can change out the bracket on the back of the television so that it is ready for wall mounting with the new bracket you will place in the wall. If the LCD television is purchased with the mounting unit, carefully read their instructions, and then get the stud finder out. You want your bracket seated into a solid piece of wood, not dry wall or fiber board. If you are a renter or leaser you need to check with the owner of the dwelling and get their permission to drill in the walls.

You will find threaded screw inserts in the back on corners and sides. The bracket and the mounting bracket on the television are seated together while bolts with nuts and washers are screwed together to keep the LCD television secure to the wall. There are models that come with the ability to tilt the television up and down and some wall mounts will slide out to move the television from side to side.

The LCD televisions come with devices such as a cable box, DVD player and Video game controls, so your televisions will need a reliable power source and all cords need to be plugged into a surge protector, just to be safe. It may be prudent to install a separate power outlet for your LCD televisions in order to lessen the possibility of an electrical surge when there are fluctuations in the power input.

Mounting close to a fireplace is not a good idea. The LCD televisions computer components like it cool. Raising the temperature above 32 degree centigrade around the television can damage these components, so be mindful of where you place the television in the room. A cooler area is perfect.

Attach cables and wires where they are appropriate. Calibrate the LCD televisions picture quality and enjoy your television.

Epson EHTW6100W 2300 Lum
Somertek 32″ LED LCD HD
Techlink Ovid OV95TVB Au
Yamaha ISX-800 Restio Au
AVF Buckingham   Walnut TV
Infocus IN3118HD (IN3118
Sharp   LC22LE22E 22-inch
24″   Ultra Slim LED Full
Alphason   Pebble Series W
Samsung UE60ES6300 (60″)
Peerless Walnut TV Stand
Cello   C32100F 32-inch Wi
AV   Rack for up to 47″ TV
Toshiba   32RL853B 32-inch
Sony   VPL-CW255 4100 Lume
Omnimount   Tria 3 Shelf a
Kenwood KS 2200 HT Speak
Koda   D92F 5-Way Hifi Tow
Finlux   32F702 32 Inch Wi
NEC   60003306 MultiSync V
Sanyo UHP 165W   Lamp Modu
Pionner   HM70-k Micro Sys
Whitenergy   4World 145×11
Philips 32 PFL 5507 K/12
LG 32CS460 LGLCD32CS460
Denon   Ceol Piccolo Netwo
Rupse   8 inch DVD GPS Pla
Icecrypt T2400 Set-top B
Hitachi 19 Inch HD   Ready
Sony Bdps780 Blk M/r
Pioneer   XW-SMA3-K Black
Panasonic   UHM 300W Twin
UK-CF High Gloss   Black C
NEC Multisync EA192M   Whi
55 inch   Cantilever Curve
Q2070I 150W rms Subwoofe
Samsung   UE19D4000 19-inc
AC   Ryan Playon!DVRHD [Du
Panasonic   TX-L37E3B 37-i
Portable   Eyewear 72″ 16:
Panasonic   TX-L32E3B 32-i
Buckingham Oak   Cantileve
Panasonic   DMR-EX88EB-K F
LaCinema Rugged 500 GB   H
Panasonic   TX-L37G20B 37-
InFocus   ScreenPlay 8600
Toshiba   46TL868B 46-inch
Beosound   8
Samsung   UE22D5000 22-inc
Optoma   WPS-Dongle – Wire
Q Acoustics   QTV2-BLACK 2
Cello   C19103F LED 19-inc
Samsung Ue19Es4000 Led T
Acer C120 WVGA LED Proje
EMVP501B   VisionPro 500 S
Satgear   54cm Premium Por
Lindi 50″ TV   Stand Colou
Centurion   Opod 19″-37″ L
Omnimount Tria 3 – Plati
Edifier   Spinnaker E30 90
Boston   Acoustics 5.1 Sur
Panasonic   Smart VIERA TX
Harman   Kardon HTFS 3WQ/E
Kettle   Interiors Wood He
New   Horizons 1.2m 120cm
Techlink   Echo EC130B Aud
Pioneer   SPH-DA01 Mechles
Samsung   LE40B550A5 40 in
Chord Epic Twin   Speaker
Sony   KDL42EX410BU 42-inc
Sagemcom   RTI95320 High D
Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray
SAMSUNG Ensemble Home Ci
Alphason   Designs Ltd FW7
Panasonic   TX-P50S10B 50-

Why LED Televisions Are Better Than LCD Televisions


When purchasing a TV, you may be wondering what is better to get, an LED or an LCD TV. With LED TVs becoming more and more widespread, it is important to know why it might be better to purchase an LED TV.

When it comes to purchasing new TVs, the only time you should now get an LCD TV is if you are purchasing a TV on a budget or cannot find an LED TV in the size you need. Other TVs are much cheaper than LED TVs, but the price gap is dropping and soon you will find LED TVs to be just as cheap.

Price aside, LED TVs have many more advantages compared to LCD televisions. They have a much better contrast ratio and black levels, better color accuracy, and power consumption. The only thing left is to wait to see how long LED televisions can last compared with LCD televisions. This cannot be determined yet because LED televisions are still new.

The reason contrast ratio and black levels are much better on these televisions is because they use dimming technology and can control the back-lighting. In LCD televisions, the screen has to block the light by twisting the LCD crystals. This ends up causing the television to have a lower contrast ratio than by simply dimming.

When it comes to producing a better color accuracy, LED televisions with colored back-lighting dominates over other televisions. Colored back-lighting allows the television to produce very realistic colors. However, some LED televisions do use white back-lighting, which is not much of an improvement of LCD televisions.

LED TVs also have better viewing angles. This is very important as you can then watch the television at a wider angle. Most televisions have often suffered when it comes to viewing angles. They usually do not work as well when it goes beyond 30 degrees off-center. However, LED televisions have fantastic viewing angles, and are almost as good as plasma televisions.

Power consumption is very important as it can save you money in the long run. LED televisions do have a slight improvement over LCD televisions when it comes to power usage, and approaches the power consumption of plasma TVs. However, this improvement in power consumption is only true for edge-lit TVs, and not the local dimming LED TVs.

When it comes to purchasing your TV, it is highly suggested to get a LED television as they seem to have many more advantages over its LCD rival. With advantages like power consumption, better viewing angles, contrast ratio, and color accuracy, you cannot go wrong with an LED television.

Toshiba DR19DTKB   Freevie
Sony BDV-EF 200
FS402   Exhibition Display
Demagio DML100 LED TV St
Samsung   HT-D4500 5.1-inc
Panasonic   Smart VIERA TX
Philips Css2115 Soundbar
ACER X1110 3D-Ready Proj
Sony UHP   200/152W Lamp M
Nobo   Multimedia Projecto
Valera   Hi-Fi Cabinet – S
Cello   C22EFF 22Inch Full
High Gloss   White 3 Tier
16″   Super Slim LED TV wi
Denon AVR-1612 5.1 AV Re
Yamaha YHT498 – Home The
Yamaha NSAW392 120w   All
Panasonic   DIGA DMR-EX99V
Vogel’s   8000 Series EFW
Cablesson   HDelity HDMI 3
Proofvision   Waterproof T
SoundCast iCast transmit
Samsung   Series 7 ES7000
Panasonic   UHM 165W Lamp
TradeWorks   Complete Free
Toshiba   22DV665DB 22-inc
Sony HMZ-T2 Head   Mounted
Sony   BDV-E490 Full HD 3D
LG   M1994D 19-inch LCD TV
Kettle   Interiors Wood Ha
Samsung   HT-D7100 2.1ch 3
NEC   NSH 220W Lamp Module
Tannoy   Mercury VC Centre
Avtex L215Drs Led TV, 21
Universal   Black Table To
Epson EB96W 2700 Lumens
Optoma OPTOMAEH1020 Proj
Sony BDPS550 Profile 2.0
Hitachi   UHB 180W Lamp Mo
Iconbit XDS73D Media Pla
Optoma DX327   Projector (
LG 42LM670T –   42″ 3D Ful
Pioneer   XW-SMA3-W White-
Sony STR-DH520   7.1 Chann
Replacement   Projector La
Harman   Kardon BDS 570BQ/
Iomega   ScreenPlay USB 2.
DNT Ipdio une internet/
Provision   Wireless HD Se
SONY   BDP-S590B 3D Blu-ra
B-TECH BT890 – Cart for
3M MPRO120 Pocket Projec
Stilexo STUK 2070 TV Sta
Vogel’s   THIN355RC THIN S
Off The Wall Skyline 750
Sony UHP   165W Lamp Modul
Sony   KDF-42E2000 / KDF-4
Logitech   Squeezebox Radi
Optimum Chocolate Oak Ed
Auna   AV1-4800 Surround S
Samsung   HT-BD1220 2.1 ch
Philips   24PFL3507T 24-in
SandC   Universal TV Stand
Philips   46PFL5605H/05 46
Panasonic   TX-P42GT20B 42
Sonorous   Neo Troy Cantil
Vogel’s   THIN Series THIN
MicroVison   ShowWX Plus H
Philips   22PFL3517T/12 22
Optoma HD67N 1700 ANSI 7
Viewsonic   Pro8400 1080p
19″   HD LCD Digital Adver
Sony   Bravia KDL40EX603U
Off-The-Wall Motion   Blac
Toshiba   26DL833B 26″ HD
22 Inch Led Backlit Tv
BenQ MS513 DLP Projector